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Error with NMOS transistor

    • Julio Mariano Geronimo

      Below is the circuitry that I have built:


      I have selected Linear Network Analysis option and I have analyze my circuitry. 


      This error pop up:

      I understand that my error is regarding the transistors, but I dont know what should I edit. 


      Could it be due to the MOD row not being filled up:


      If yes, what should I insert into the MOD row? 

    • dedgar
      Ansys Employee

      HI Julio, The NMOS device requires a suitable model definition (card) to supply the required parameters etc. Model cards are available in the component libraries for different transistor types. If you have a look at the examples for the DIfferentialAmplfier, you can see the setup (bjt in this case)


      Mosfet model cards are found here:



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