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Error with Steinberg-Guinan Strength model and other models

    • Alex Horwege


      I have been using Johnson Cook models in my impact analyses, and I wanted to try some other constitutive models. I am running into an error where the material models are not recognized, including the models that come built-in with ANSYS Workbench (STEEL V250 for example, with Steinberg-Guinan strength model and Mie-Gruneisen EOS). 

      How can I implement these models in LS-DYNA for ANSYS Workbench? Here is the error code from the Solver output below. It looks like it simply is not detecting the material model at all. I am currently using it with an SPH mesh, but I get the same error with other mesh methods too. 


      Beginning of keyword reader                                   11/17/23 17:55:35
       *** Error 10157 (KEY+157)
           MAT 2 is not found
       *** Error 10304 (KEY+304)
           PART ID 2 with
           SECTION ID 2 and
           MATERIAL ID 2 does not exist.
           This is PART 2 in the order of input.
       *** Error 10133 (KEY+133)
           input data failed with: 4 errors
       E r r o r   t e r m i n a t i o n                             11/17/23 17:55:36


    • Ram Gopisetti
      Ansys Employee


      The closest match for such material in LS-Dyna is MAT_011, 

      You may want to check that material definition first, then use Command snippets under the scoped body. 

      Native implementation is not made yet. 

      Cheers, Ram 

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