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errors appearing when sharing topology


    • Daniel Thompson

      Im trying to perform a CHT anlaysis of airflow over and through a motor. However most times i try sharing the topology i get errors such as the ones below. It shows a red exclamation mark next to share topology to show it has failed and i can nolonger do anything. I cannot revert and edit or exit the aplication so i need to force close it in task manager. Any idea why this is happening

    • Keyur Kanade
      Ansys Employee

      I assume you are getting this error in Fluent Meshing. 

      Please use SpaceClaim for share topology and then move to Fluent Meshing. 

      You can also use non conformal mesh between solids and fluid in Fluent by creating non conformal interfaces. 

      Please go through help manual for more details 



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