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General Mechanical

Euler angles errors in ANSYS 19.2

    • jerryzhang

      Hello ,

      When trying to update node values to .rst file by below codes( by read input APDL), there is an error pop up. Please see attached picture. Then I list the elements with errors, they are element SURF154. Since I use workbench do the calculation, contact pairs were used. This should be the reason that why SURF154 was used.

      When my colleague do the same calculation and get .rst file in old version and update the node result with same method,

      there is no issue. I'm confused with this and how can I solve the issue happened in 19.2 version?

      I guess .rst file contains different information.



    • Chandra Sekaran
      Ansys Employee
      1) Try using SET command before doing these commands?
      2) or else try using RSYS,SOLU
    • jerryzhang
      Hello , thanks for your answers. Using RSYS, SOLU can solve the issue.
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