Eulerian-Eulerian MultiPhase Simulation With Population Balance (Gas-Liquid)

    • Patrick Kirby

      Hello All,

      I've made several post prior as I've been working on my model and I think to push my project further I'm going to make use of the aforementioned methods. Relating to this, I have a few questions.

      1) The diameter output for the respective phase is the average or the Sauter Mean Diameter? I use the Sauter Mean diameter to define my moments (using QMOM for population balance, I solve multiphase single diameter first and then solve for QM and VF of gas phase) but I recall reading that the diameter output is the average diameter.


      2) Why are some of my simulations/models unstable? I have both aeration and agitation (an air inlet and an impeler). For greater fluid velocities (greater inflow and agitation) I tend to run into solution issues (they could be computer issues, but its always hard to tell). If I make use of the mixture as opposed to the inhomgenous model I have a bit more success, but also some failure. I've looked to use the adaptive time-stepping to make my model a bit more robust, but even that runs into issues.


      Thanks and have a good day



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