Eulerian multiphase simulation

    • tejasvikrishna45


      I am a novice with respect to multiphase simulation. I am doing a very basic 2 fluid simulation where one of them is non-Newtonian. 

      Since each of the phases has a different constitutive equation to solve, I figured Eulerian multiphase is the best way to go. 

      The interphase interaction is through Schiller-Naumann which is dependent on the relative velocity of both phases right?

      However, after I run the simulation, velocity of each phase is equal to the velocity of the mixture. That seems wrong!

      Can you tell me what I am doing wrong. Also, the relative velocity also is the same as the velocity of the mixture.


    • DrAmine
      Ansys Employee


      2/Means very very high drag if both velocities are almost the same

      3/Screenshots of your model setup are necessary here

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