Eulerian wall film – condensation – evaporation of humid air

    • gartz89

      Hello people and wish you good luck with CODIV-19!

      This is my first discussion, because I'm quite new here I would like to know is there somebody that working in this area with condensation - evaporation process with humid air, because I would like to get some new insights into this discipline.

      However my model is simple I've got conjugate heat transfer model between solid and fluid domein, there is heat transfer between them. The surface temperature of the solid body become lower from the saturate temperature and it will be arise condensation between the species water vapor and the water liquid fluid that I specified from the species transport. So first of all I was working with mixture and Eulerian model, but they were very complex and complicated to used without UDF functions, because their solver is for something other area condensation and evaporation in other subject, boiling etc. Finally I choosed to work with Eulerian wall film for 3D, the model begin write into my journal some adequate results. But I think it will be more accurate if I'm using DPM + Eulerian model for simulate the fog, but for now I'm only looking for the equation in the Eulerian wall film model. The model is quite new in CFD and I'm wondering is it good and these anybody work with it?

      The main question: is the Eulerian wall film model is suitable for this area condensation of the humid air or I have to choose some other model? Mainly condensation arise into the surface solid body, not in the flow. Could you give me advice?


      Thank you and Regards from Bulgaria, gartz89.

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