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    • Kan Forrest

      I wanted to test a couple of Lumerical examples using a 30 day trial license. I installed Lumerical 2022 R2.4 for Windows (64 bit) and ANSYS License Manager 2022 R2 for Windows. I am able to run the Waveguide (FEEM) example by downloading and opening the example file on this page Waveguide (FEEM) – Ansys Optics. But, the Waveguide (FDE) example on Waveguide (FDE) – Ansys Optics is not working if I click RUN button.

      Is there any way I can try both examples?

      Thank you,

    • Lito Yap
      Ansys Employee


      @Kan Forrest,

      The first example, uses the FEEM Solver + INTERCONNECT. While the second example will be using MODE + INTERCONNECT. 

      Try to request for the FDE solver evaluation license from the Launcher or click on the “Obtain license” button from the example window in the application as shown in our KB guide > 

      (See attached image/screenshot) 

      Also take note of the requisites for the evaluation/trial licenses

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