EWF that affects the core fluid

    • Renard



      Is it possible that the eulerian wall film affects the core fluid so I could get the lift and drag affected in the wet condition?

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    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      The film only effects the near wall cell, and is assumed to have no thickness as far as blockage is concerned. Have a look into the model theory & limitations: it's all explained in more detail. 

    • Renard

      what do you mean with only affects the near-wall cell? the wall cell?

      What is blockage? 

      many thanks 

      I got this limitations: 
      The following limitations exist for the Eulerian Wall Film model:

      • The Eulerian Wall Film model is available for 3D geometries only.

      • Many models (for example, VOF multiphase flow or radiation) will not interact correctly with the film model without first modifying the boundary conditions using UDFs.

      • Wallfilm behavior at junctions with baffles (zero-thickness walls) may lead to unphysical results due to the local mesh topology (wall, wall-shadow) and should be used with care, that is, isolated film walls must not share a common edge.

      • The wall film can only be single-component, but not multi-component.

      • The Eulerian Wall Film model is not compatible with non-conformal interfaces.

      • The Eulerian Wall Film model is not compatible with mesh operations in Fluent (such as mesh adaption, cell separation, face zone extrusion, and cell zone type change).

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