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examples of using EESOLVE in ANSYS APDL

    • mavis01

      When I used EESOLVE in APDL,

      the error message is like this:

      Unknown label in field 6 ( SENE ) of *GET command.                      

        Line= *get,_energ(_i),ssum,0,item,sene                                 

        The *GET command is ignored.   

      Does anyone know what's the problem or have examples of electrostatic-structural coupled sequential problem?

    • Rohith Patchigolla
      Ansys Employee

      Hi Mavis, 

      What do you mean by EESOLVE? From my knowledge, there is no such command in APDL. 

      *GET, Par, SSUM, 0, Item1, IT1NUM

      Regarding the error message, the 6th field in your *GET command, i.e. 'IT1NUM' requires an ETABLE already defined (whose sum after an SSUM operation is being extracted via *GET command). So, in your case, the ETABLE name is SENE. Is this already defined and SSUM executed on it?

      Best regards,

    • mavis01

      Hello rgpatchi,


      Sorry for the confusion, the command is essolv. And this error has been solved. Thanks!




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