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Execute Commands dialog box

    • Rohit Kanchi

      I want to know if there is a way to save the Volume Fraction of a particular phase each time step, because I am saving the other variables for a physical time interval of 0.1s. I used chatgpt and got the following code:

      /file/write-data glass-granular phase-volume-fraction yes "Volume_Fraction_Step_%d.dat"

      The idea is to save this every time step with a different filename so that it does not end up overwriting the same file again the next time step. (The code line works up until "yes". Adding the filename then causes error because the syntax is not right.


      Can someone please provide me the syntax and a reference guide/pdf where I can learn to do this. Searched a lot but get all pointless information.


      Thanks in advance.

    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      Are you wanting to save the volume average value or the like? If so have a look at monitors (and reports). 

      The first part of the command makes sense, /file/write-data myfile.dat  should give you a Fluent data file. I don't recognise %d, but use %i, %t & occasionally %f   The  glass-granular phase-volume-fraction yes "Volume_Fraction_Step_%d.dat" part looks like ChatGPT has stuck two or three different options together to make up a result: the parts are correct in their own menu levels but not in the way it's written. 

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