Executing error of script generated from ANSYS Electronics Desktop

    • Abdou1

      i generate a simple script from 2D Extractor to initialize th mesh :

      Dim oAnsoftApp

      Dim oDesktop

      Dim oProject

      Dim oDesign

      Dim oEditor

      Dim oModule

      Set oAnsoftApp = CreateObject("Ansoft.ElectronicsDesktop")

      Set oDesktop = oAnsoftApp.GetAppDesktop()


      Set oProject = oDesktop.SetActiveProject("cpw_gnd_gsg11")

      Set oDesign = oProject.SetActiveDesign("CPW__CP")

      Set oModule = oDesign.GetModule("AnalysisSetup")

      oModule.RevertSetupToInitial "Setup1"

      when i run it, i get this error :

      this object does not support this property or method: 'RevertSetupToInitial'

      error '800a01b6'

    • rtk
      Ansys Employee
      Hello- The 'RevertSetupToInitial' property or method is meant for HFSS design. Not for 2D extractor. This works perfectly for HFSS.nnnRegards,n
    • mbeliaev
      Ansys Employee
      also I recommend to switch to Python interface. It will be more intuitive and you can use Command Window to test featuresnn
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