execution error inside the mesher. The process suffered an unhandled exception or ran out of memory

    • Abdallah

      Hi all,

      I'm having some issue generating a mesh for this 20 m tower. I got the error a software execution error occured inside the mesher. The process suffered an unhandled exception or ran out of memory. I used the advanced function :fixed and still not good and kept the element size by default. However, i did try to use a mesh size of 25 mm and i still cannot mesh. I am attaching the .IGES format of the file. Any help will be appreciated.


    • peteroznewman

      Hi Abdallah,

      What version of ANSYS were you using: 18.2, 19.0 etc ?
      What license of ANSYS were you using: Student or Research ?

      I imported the IGES file into ANSYS Student 18.2 using DesignModeler. It shows 5 solids. Looking at one of the solids, it is apparent that this is a "thin-walled" structure.

      Zooming on on this shows the thin-walled structure.

      You can't fill this solid with solid elements, it would take too many. That is why you are running out of memory.
      You must use a Geometry Editor to create midsurface geometry to replace the solid bodies. What CAD system created this geometry? The mesher can cover the surfaces with shell elements without running out of memory. The image below is how the part looks like after the midsurface has been calculated in my NX11 CAD system. I have attached the Parasolid file zipped up so you can try it yourself if you have a Research license. This file has 288 bodies so cannot be used on the Student license which is limited to 50 bodies and 300 faces.

      I put all the surfaces from the top of the tower into a multibody part. That caused the mesher to create a mesh connection on the inside surface as seen by the purple lines, but not on the outside surface. The Red lines on the outside surface means the ribs are not connected to the outer surface, which is not what is wanted.

      The next operation is to use Mesh Connections to search for edges to tie to faces. This resulted in a mixture of yellow and purple. Yellow means the two ribs were made into a common line, and purple means the two ribs stayed separated. I recommend you update the CAD geometry so the sheet body ribs meet at a common line on the outside sheet body.

    • Abdallah

      Hi Mr Peter,

      Thanks for your immense help. I am using Ansys 16.0 (research version) to perform the simulation and i have drawn the geometry using solidworks.

      I am still having some issue generating a successful mesh. Could you please help me with that i'm quite new to meshing methods. What are the setting that i need to adjust? Pls find attached a picture of the meshing.

      Also, which software is best to use to perform shell modelling except the design modeler in ANSYS?


      Hoping to hear from you soon 

      Kind Regards

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