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Discovery Import

Expanded Assemblies

    • tmullins

      The help file says that you can import solid works assemblies that have configurations and upon import you can select the configuration you want if expanded assemblies is selected in the open file dialog box. 


      "SpaceClaim supports selective imports from SOLIDWORKS assemblies:

      • When opening the file:
        • Select "SOLIDWORKS" file type.
        • Check the "Expand Assemblies" in the file open dialog.
        • Select the ".sldasm" file for your configuration.
      • Select the configuration or sub-assembly to load from the Assembly Browser dialog and click Open."

      Is this suppose to work only in space claim?  In space claim it only opened the assembly browser once. I want to convert 5 different solid works configurations into discovery live.


    • Brian Bueno
      Ansys Employee


      It's only possible to have one model open at a time in Discovery Live.  I suspect that's the reason why you were only able to open the Assembly Browser 1 time.

    • tmullins

      it wouldn't open even after i closed the software.  I noticed that if the check box was clicked when i opened the dialog box then it wont work. if its unselected then click the box after i select the file then the assembly browser will work.

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