Experiencing unstable results in MODE simulation.


    • nuaman98


      I am experiencing unstable results with TE polarization in the MODE solver when changing the mesh settings as well as the the FDE solver region geometry. How does this happen?

      There are also change in the effective index, group index, etc in the frequency sweep similar to the above (when changing the mesh settings and FDE solver region).

      Similarly I am getting a loss in the range of 10^4 db/cm (20,000). Is there any method to optimize the loss? I have seem that the loss is given as 'zero' in the example files.

      Please check the below screen shots.

    • nuaman98
      Sorry everyone. It was a mistake with me. I was not aware about the convergence test. Now I am getting stable results for TE polarization fraction, effective index and group index.
      Still the loss is really high. It might be due to the structure or refractive indices.
    • Taylor Robertson
      Ansys Employee

      I would check your material models are correct, but these semiconductor materials have a bandgap in the near IR, so I would expect the absorption to be quite high at 400nm. Obviously if you change the carrier density through a bias you can turn it into a gain medium, you may be interested in MQW for solving for the material properties.

    • nuaman
      Yes, I tried calculating modes at different wavelengths. I found that the confinement is lost after 475nm.
      From 500 nm and above the spot is showing in the contac tayer region
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