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Explicit Dynamic analysis with Gurson material model

    • Edyta Bernatowska


      Is it possible to use Gurson's material in Explicit Dynamic analysis? I am a novice user of the program. Previously, I worked in the Abaqus program. I am trying to model a steel flat bar with a hole under tension. The characteristics of the non-linear material and the Gurson material were used to model the material. In Abaqus, such a model worked without any problems in the Explicit Dynamic analysis. In Ansys, the Gurson material model is only available for Static analysis. During this analysis, the program stops calculations at certain point. I am sending the graph of tensile force versus displacement obtained from testing a real sample, from Abaqus and from Ansys.

    • Erik Kostson
      Ansys Employee






      The Gurson model is for apdl so can be used as you did within a Static say Workbench Mechanical system. 

      Explicit Dynamics (Autodyn) does not have this material model (Gurson).

      LS-Dyna (say used within Workbench) has it though (*MAT_GURSON) so we can use that if you have access to LS-Dyna inside Workbench (WB).

      The graph you show is that Abaqus /Standard or Explicit?

      Also what is the point of going further done the softening part, we have reached the max load it can take (and that is often what we want), and we see softening. So pushing it down further the softening part of the curve.

      All the best





    • Edyta Bernatowska
      Thank you for your answer.
      It is Abqus/Explicit.
      Thank you in andvance for your help.
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