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Explicit Dynamics error Post processor attempt

    • aamiralaracu1


      I am trying to solve an crash test or drop test in Explicit Dynamics. I have imported my model in an iges file and also made sure it is a solid. I created a wall in Design Modeler using the rectangle tool and then extruding it. once completed I meshed the model using the default mesh size. The mesh came out fine. I then made sure that the material properties were updated properly. for the drop component I used structural steel and for the test component I used aluminium alloy. i entered the initial condition on velocity as 50 m/s and forthe drop test the height as 30 m. in analysis setting i changed the end time to 0.00001.

      when I try to solve the simulation it comes up with the error (An error occurred when the post processor attempted to load a specific result. Please review all messages.) it also comes up with two warning messages (Current result file may not contain requested result data . Please clear the solution and solve again.) and (The result file  cannot be opened.).

      Can anyone help me in figuring what is going wrong.




      P.S. I have also attached the solution information if it helps. Please find below this message.



      Initialising model.........Complete
      Analysis settings transferred.
      Retrieving mesh ......Complete.
      Retrieving Contacts .....Complete.
      Retrieving Mesh Data .....
        Retrieving nodal data .....
         Found 10173 nodes.
        Retrieving elemental size data .....
         Found 24084 elements.
      Mesh Data retrieval complete.
      Retrieving Coordinate Systems .....Complete.
      Retrieving Initial Conditions .....Complete.
      Retrieving Parts count.....Complete.
      Retrieving Materials .....
      Starting transfer of material Aluminum Alloy
      Material Aluminum Alloy loaded successfully.
      Starting transfer of material Structural Steel
      Material Structural Steel loaded successfully.
      Material Retrieval Complete.
      Retrieving Parts Data .....Complete.
      Retrieving Cross Sections ......Complete.
      Retrieving Variable Shell Thickness ......Complete.
      Transferring Coordinate Systems Complete.
      Transferring Node Information Complete.
      Transferring Material Information .....Complete.
      Transferring Initial Conditions .....Complete.
      Checking for Remote Points ....No remote points found.
      Getting Boundary Conditions ....Complete.
      Getting Per Body Controls ....Complete.
      Getting Joint Connections....Complete.
      Getting Joint Loads....Complete.
      Validating Joint Loads....Complete.
      Transferring Mesh ....Complete.
      Transferring Contacts ....Complete.
      Transferring Symmetry Conditions ....Complete.
      Transferring Loadcase Data ....Complete.
      Transferring Boundary Conditions ....Complete.
      Transferring Imported External Load ....Complete.
      Transferring Per Body Controls ....Complete.
      Transferring Joints ....Complete.
      Transferring Joint Loads ....Complete.
      Retrieving Tracker Data .....Complete.
      Transferring Named Selections .....Complete.
      Transferring Tracker Data .....Complete.
      Exporting Cycle Zero file .....Complete.


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