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Explicit Dynamics -Using Orthotropic Material Model

    • tbb16

      Hi everyone,

      I am using an orthotropic material model in an Explicit Dynamics model. My geometry is curved, so I was wondering if it is possible to create an element coordinate system that 'curves' with the geometry so that my elastic modulus on the through-thickness direction is actually in the through-thickness direction with respect to the geometry? 

      At the moment, the orthotropic model follows the global coordinate system and I can't create another coordinate system that follows the curve of my geometry. In Static Structural, I can create an element coordinate system that allows me to have the orthotropic model in the correct directions, however, in Explicit, it is grayed out and I can't find any reference to element coordinate systems in the documentation.

      Does anyone have any tips on dealing with explicit dynamics, orthotropic models and curved geometry?



    • Montassar
      Hi Tom,nNormally, you have to use Element Orientation.n
    • Kai
      Ansys Employee
      Hi Tom,nElemental orientation is not supported in explicit dynamics. You will need to use ACP to modify the elemental orientation first and then link it to explicit dynamics.nThanks,nKain
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