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[Explicit] Explosive load against reinforced concrete slab

    • Denys Hryshkov

      Hi, I am doing some research for my master's thesis on explosions and shape memory alloys. I would like to ask for some help with the Analysis Settings, especially the erosion and reinforcement behavior. 
      I tried to reproduce another scientific work to see if I can make a reliable result, but it is very different, although I have tried a lot of changes in parameters and different materials already.
      The paper I took as an example was about a 1.4kg TNT explosion over a slab of reinforced concrete, the concrete was C40. I am trying to use C35 concrete. And these are the results obtained in LS-Dyna (photo 1) of the excavation and extrusion on the other side, but in my case the explosion breaks through the slab (photo 2). 
      Could you tell me if this is due to the difference between LS-Dyna and Ansys or am I doing something wrong? I am attaching my test file.

    • Ashish Khemka
      Ansys Employee

      Hi Denys,

      Ansys employees cannot download and explore your model. Please see if this link helps:

      Performance Assessment of Concrete and Steel Material Models in LS-DYNA for Enhanced Numerical Simulation, A State of the Art Review | SpringerLink


      Ashish Khemka

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