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Explode Beam assembly

    • andreamadonia


      I want simulate an assembly constitued by 3 circular coaxial tubes and obviously using extracted beams.

      I tried to explode the beam assembly in spaceclaim, without any results; so I tried to explode the 3D before extracting beams obtaining then (in Mechanical) 3 offsetted extracted beams..

      Anyone know how to explode extracted beams assembly?


    • Aniket
      Forum Moderator
      I am sorry, but what do you mean by explode beams? do you want to temporarily move them just for visualization?nIf so isnt the solid beams visualization useful:nArrayIf you want to explode it Mechanical, please note that Mechanical does not explode when the mesh is displayed. Also, beam cross sections (representation) do not explode with the exploded view of the, although the line bodies do explode.nArrayn-AniketnHow to access Ansys help linksnGuidelines for Posting on Ansys Learning Forumn
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