Export as CGNS in Parameter Study

    • fabiang

      Hello everybody,

      I have a question regarding the automatic usage of TUI commands during a parameter study with lots of design points.

      Is there a way to tell Fluent after convergence to export the data as a .cngs file of every design point?

      So how is it possible to use TUI commands every design point?



      First, I figured that I could use an UDF in the Function Hooks, but I've read using TUI commands in UDFs is not possible.

      Best regards,


    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      You can use TUI commands with UDFs, it's a scheme call and not that well documented: I can't provide anything additional to the documentation. 

      However, you may be better off just adding an execute command for export at a high number of iterations: all being well this will trigger once the model converges. 

    • fabiang

      Thanks for the response. I did what you suggested (see screenshot below) however it doesnt seem like a tries to run the command if convergence is reached before the iterations specified in the execute commands window.


      If I run the command manually via console, everything is working fine.

      Do you see my mistake?

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