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Export Deformed Geometry as a Solid Body (Not STL) in ANSYS 19.1

    • ChDYT


      I am aware that we can extract the deformed geometry in ANSYS 19.1 as STL easily. However, is there a way to export it as a solid body since STL files are not handled well in most CAD software. In previous version, they used the FE modeler, but it seems it is not longer supported in ANSYS 19.1.

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    • Sandeep Medikonda
      Ansys Employee

      Yes, I think this was stopped in v19.1. Peter had written a good post on this.

      Alternatively, you can try it this way or even use the Reverse Engineering tools (such as the skin surface tool) in SpaceClaim if you end up with too many faces or a big CAD file using the first method. The first method is really a one-click solution and once you have a solid body you can then use patch-independent meshing or the virtual topology features to help generate a good mesh.

      Also, please note that you can import and work with an STL directly in v192 as a construction geometry. Please see here.

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