Export Fluent Results with node ID

    • Leonardo Geronzi


      I am executing some simulations with a parametric mesh in Fluent (running in parallel).

      For every mesh, I would like to export the pressure at the wall or the wall shear stress for example.

      In the journal, I'm using /file/export ascii wss (2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10) yes wall-shear () no 

      where from (2.... to 10) are the surfaces of the mesh. It works but nodes are always numbered from 1 to n and there is no nodal correspondence (probably due to the parallel partition?). It means that in row 1 sometimes I have node 2034, sometimes node 6885, sometimes node 99999 ecc.
      I need to create a list where on row x there are always results associated with the same node id even if its position has changed in space due to the modified parametric mesh.
      How can I do? Is it possible to export Node Id in Fluent?

      P.S. I know that CFD post is a solution but I need to do it directly in Fluent.

      Thank you.

    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      Fluent is an unstructured solver, and the node IDs aren't necessarily static definitions: it's why it's always a good idea to write case and data on finishing a run.  

      What exactly are you trying to figure out? 

    • Leonardo Geronzi


      Ok, it’s a pity. I need to create a ROM (without using the RBP extension).
      At this point, CFD post is the only possibility. I put here the solution I will use in CFD-Post if any user will be interested in future. I stored the solution for every parametric mesh in a new cas and dat file.
      I used a loop in CFD-Post where n is the number of simulations.


      CFX Post Version = 23.1




      Clear All Objects = false

      Append Results = true

      Edit Case Names = false

      Multi Configuration File Load Option = Last Case

      Open in New View = true

      Keep Camera Position = true

      Load Particle Tracks = true

      Multi Configuration File Load Option = Last Case

      Construct Variables From Fourier Coefficients = true

      Open to Compare = false

      Files to Compare =







      !$i = 1;

      !while ($i < n){



      Run Selection = “Simulation/Run/cff-restart-dat”



      >load filename=D:/Leonardo/ROM_DT/ROM_SSM_files/dp0/FLU-1/Fluent/SSM-$i.cas.h5, force_reload=true


      !else {


      Domains to Load=


      > load filename=D:/Leonardo/ROM_DT/ROM_SSM_files/dp0/FLU-1/Fluent/SSM-$i.cas.h5, \

      case=Case SSM 1.cas, force_reload=true




      ANSYS Export Data = Element Heat Flux

      ANSYS File Format = ANSYS

      ANSYS Reference Temperature = 0.0 [K]

      ANSYS Specify Reference Temperature = Off

      ANSYS Supplemental HTC = 0.0 [W m^-2 K^-1]

      Additional Variable List =

      BC Profile Type = Inlet Velocity

      CSV Type = CSV

      Case Name = Case SSM 1.cas

      Export Connectivity = Off

      Export Coord Frame = Global

      Export File = D:/Leonardo/ROM_DT/ROM_SSM_files/user_files/wss-$i.csv

      Export Geometry = On

      Export Location Aliases =

      Export Node Numbers = On

      Export Null Data = On

      Export Type = Generic

      Export Units System = Current

      Export Variable Type = Current

      External Export Data = None

      Include File Information = Off

      Include Header = On

      Location = arch

      Location List = arch,ascending_aorta,bc,descending_aorta,end_ascending_aorta,\


      Null Token = null

      Overwrite = On

      Precision = 8

      Separator = “, “

      Spatial Variables = X,Y,Z

      Variable List = Wall Shear

      Vector Brackets = ()

      Vector Display = Scalar






      !$i ++;




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