Export model structure in Lumerical to stl file or grayscale bitmap

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      Hi all,

      I have built some structures in Lumerical, and would like to export it for fabrication and lithography.

      I know Lumerical offers script files (GDSII Export Automation – Lumerical Support) for exporting model to gdsii files, yet gds files are still not capable for our usage. Some external software (Issues · dteal/gdsiistl ( may convert gds to stl, but it doesn't compatible with the Lumerical script well, i.e. output gds file from Lumerical usually have multiple cells with the same name.

      As Lumerical is able to import stl file, could anyone suggest a method to export the structure out to stl file or grayscale bitmap?

      Thanks a lot.

      W. Edwards

    • Guilin Sun
      Ansys Employee
      Currently Lumerical does not support export structure in stl format or bitmap. Please file a feature request :Vote new features, and file your feature request

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