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Export normal accelerations of elements after transient structural simulation

    • ifas_maxw

      Dear all,

      I'm focusing a problem conceirning the export of transient results. I need the normal acceleration of the elements laying on a specific surface into a file.

      Does anyone know a best practice regardin that issue?

    • pgl
      Ansys Employee

      Take a look at the *GET,ELEM command in the ANSYS Mechanical (M-APDL) command reference.

      Also here's a great answer from the web. 

    • ifas_maxw

      Thanks for the help, the resource was already known to me. Still doesn't solve my problem. Let me get more specific:

      I perform a transient simulation and I would like to export the normal acceleration on each element (that is important because Ansys only calculates acceleration of nodes). of a given surface from all time steps. I need this information for a subsequent acoustic simulation.

      Now, I found already a way to fix the issue with the normal acceleration of an element. I used CFD Post to implement a point cloud on each mid surface nodes. But the problem is the enumeration of these nodes is kind of random. I can state the absolute coordinates of these nodes though but I would rather like to refer them to the original surface elements.

      I hope anyone has already encountered this problem and can try to explain a possible solution.

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