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export particle track as xml with tui


    • satri

      Is it possible to export the particle tracks history as an XML file with Tui? So that it can be imported into cfd post later.

      if we can't achieve what I am asking above i have a second follow-up question

      is it possible to import a "test.his" file into cfd post that contains information of x,y coordinates in particle tracks?

    • Sunil Lilhare
      Ansys Employee

      Hello, do you want to explicitly use TUIs only? If not then instead of TUI,  you can make use of Particle History Data Export option available in the Create menu under Activities group of the Solution Tab to export the particle tracking file from Ansys Fluent.

      In the dialogue box that opens you can select the CFD Post for file type and other options as per your need.

      This generates .xml file which can be easily imported to the CFD Post by selecting Import Fluent Particle Track File available in Import option under the File menu. To know more Automatic Particle History Data Export dialogue box of Ansys Fluent software, please refer to a section of Ansys Fluent User Guide given in the link below. Once the link opens, go to section 46.15.4.

      46.15. Calculation Activities Task Page (ansys.com)

      In CFD Post for particle track file from Ansys Fluent, XML file is supported.

    • satri

      I really want to use TUI because i have many particle-tracking files to get and I want to post-process them in cfd-post later. i know how to export the data into test.his file through TUI but cfd post does not allow to use the .his file.

      As far as the export option goes i know how to do that, but it takes extremely long time to do for all the cases that i want. if i could get an XML file through TUI itself it would be wonderful.

      or if there is any way in which i can use .his in cfd-post also it would be very helpful.

      please let me know.

      I even thought i will encode the .his file to XML myself but when i look at the XML file i could not figure out how to do that either because it was strange and i was not sure how to encode the his file to this file.


      as the best route to achieve what I want to do, i thought if there was any TUI command i will use that. so please let me know if there is any tui command that allows me to achieve this. or any other alternative routes.

    • satri

      Is there any answer to this? Is it possible to export XML files through TUI?

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