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Export results in cylindrical system

    • marco.ballotta.2


      I am doing an analysis on a axisymmetric object ( a roller) and I would like to export the results in a cylindrical reference system to have the sigma components in cylindrical coordinates (sigma_z, sigma_r, sigma_theta). Unfortunately, I see that the cylindrical reference system in Workbench is still x,y,z and it doesn't work like a "normal" cylindrical ref. system. 

      How can I do that? My goal would be to export the results with a fixed "R" and to change theta, to have the results of a circumference of nodes, and to repeat that for multiple "R" values. I hope I made myself clear.

      Many thanks for your kind help.

    • peteroznewman

      Hello Marco,

      Just because the data entry dialog boxes use x,y,z even when you change to a Cylindrical Csys, you have to do the translation that x=R, y=Theta and z=Z.  The cylindrical Csys is working like a “normal” cylindrical Csys. For example, here is a cylindrical solid with a pressure load on the side and there is a cylindrical Csys defined on the top. Notice that the Csys “triad” looks very different than a cartesian Csys.

      Below is the Directional Deformation for the X axis using the cylindrical Csys. Since x=R, we see a circular pattern of deformation.

      Below is the Directional Deformation for the X axis in the cartesian Csys.  Note that it is not symmetric.

      If I export the data for just the top edge using the two coordinate systems, I get the expected results.

      Please explain why the cylindrical Csys is not working the way you expect it to.

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