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General Mechanical

Export text file for each step

    • nts1209

      Dear Ansys Community

      I have a problem and I need some help

      In my simulation, I use 4 steps for 4 value of force (1000N, 2000N, 3000N, 4000N)

      How can I export the text file for each step. Specifically I want to export text file (normal stress) for each case 1000N, 2000N, 3000N, 4000N respectively

      Thank you very much

    • peteroznewman

      I haven't yet learned to code in APDL, but there are several examples on this site of code that you can look at and use along with the online help, under the section Mechanical APDL.




      Here is a blog on how to write to a text file.

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