Exported pressure from Fluent to Static / Transient Structural

    • Barbora

      Hello everyone,

      I am currently working on a one-way FSI simulation of a stirrer. My fluid domain consists of a water tank with solid particles.

      I perform two analyses - one-phase (water only) and two phase (with the one-phase solution as an initial condition). Both simulations are transient (duration of 15 s).

      I need to export pressure load on the stirrer and blades to perform structural analysis. I want to store the data as ASCII files (and then use External data in workbench) rather than .dat files each time step because of the huge amount of data.

      My problem is that I am not sure what pressure to export in ASCII format - static, dynamic, total etc.? What pressure ANSYS use when I import the data to Static Structural as .dat file? The import is done rather automatically and I can’t figure out what pressure ANSYS use.

      Moreover, I use Eulerian model for multiphase simulation. Therefore I cannot export the pressure load for the mixture - only for both phases separately. How would you advise me to deal with this problem?

      Thank you very much!

    • Karthik R
      If you are applying the pressure as a load for understanding deformation in Static Structural analysis, please use the Static pressure data from Fluent.
    • Barbora
      Hello Karthik,
      thank you very much for your answer! Could you please also clarify these two questions?
      1) Should I use Static Pressure for Transient Structural Analysis as well?
      2) Could you please explain what pressure ANSYS use when the load is transfered via .dat file? I compared the two cases - importing pressure load as .dat file and importing Static Pressure as .txt file using External Data module. The results were quite different (both distribution and max/min values).
      Thank you
    • Barbora
      I am sorry to post my next question as a separate comment, but I forgot to ask last time. So, question number 3 is:
      3) Is there any way to import pressure load from Fluent on shell elements in Static Structural? To further clarify - my model is rather complex and I would like to mesh the blades with shell elements in Static Structural in order to reduce number of elements. However, the load from Fluent is imported only on "1 side" of the blades. I've read it's possible to change the direction of the load when it's imported as .dat file (i.e. applying negative value for selected faces / named selections). Is there any way to do that using External Data module?
      Thank you!
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