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Exporting ANSYS Results for visualization in Virtual Reality

    • jtalier

      Hi there,

      I have searched around for a way to export an ANSYS simulation for easy viewing in virtual reality and have not found anything. What I am trying to do is export a results mesh (deformed), with an applied color gradient and then import that into Unreal Engine. Right now I can only get the deformed mesh imported with no color. Obviously stl files do not support color by default, but apparently it is possible ( 

      Currently what I am thinking will be the easiest solution is to export all the nodes in a certain stress range say 0psi to 10,000psi as an stl file and then color that entire stl in Unreal. I would repeat this for all the other ranges. This would be quite tedious obviously. 

      The other solution would be to take in the raw results output file and write a script to easily import that in another file with the correct color gradients applied.

      If anyone has any ideas or solutions to this problem I would love to hear it. Being able to export ANSYS results into VR would certainly be an interesting project! 

    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      In Fluent we can also export VRML (coloured stl), not sure whether CFD Post and Mechanical support those exports without looking: let us know what you find when you try. 

      • Osama Maddani


        how to export fluent pathlines as VRML? only the mesh is exported when I tried but not the velocity pathlines


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