Exporting Field Data on All Faces

    • kthackst

      I am using the relatively new HFSS Characteristic Mode Solver on the Ansys Electronic Desktop. I have 3D PEC structure with multiple faces. The result of the simulation is several current modes. I am able to plot the vector surface current density on every face quite easily. However, I wish to export all these currents along with their coordinates. The closest way I can find to do this is using the HFSS field calculator. This lets me specify points and export the quantity Vector_Jsurf to a .fld file. This solution is pretty good when I just had a 2D rectangle in my simulation. But now that I have a 3D structure, I find I must specify the points of every single face, making exporting these currents very burdensome. 

      Is there a way to conveniently export all surface currents at once? I'm working on a scripting file that will specify all the points of every face for me, but this is not very convenient as the script would have to be updated every time I make a new geometry. 

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