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General Mechanical

Exporting residual stresses

    • s_safiza

      Hi everyone,

      I am trying to export the reisdual stress from former analysis and import it into the next analysis for post processing. First step is the printing process. After the part is cut from the base plate, the part is deformed and has residual stress in it. I want to export the residual stress from the former process and import it into the next static structural analysis. I found this post on forum that I though it could be helpful.

      So far I imported the residual stress into external data, but I don't know how to import an mapdl mesh to map onto using external model component in Workbench.

      I would be appreciated if any one could guide me.

      Thank you.




    • Aniket
      Ansys Employee

      If you have a MAPDL mesh (assuming it is in cdb format) using External model system ( in Mechanical.


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