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Exporting results from Thermal&Fluid simulation in Ansys AIM 19.1

    • Aleksandr Kiessling


      I built a simulation fora university project but am not able to export the results from Ansys AIM 19.1 to excel or any other type of file. I looked for a button, but I could not find one.

      Can you help me? 

      Best Regards


    • Rohith Patchigolla
      Ansys Employee

      Hi Aleks, 

      From v19.2, there is an option to export the csv for contour results. I tried this for a thermal simulation and it works. Please install this latest version.

      Hope this helps. 

      Best regards,


    • Aleksandr Kiessling

      thanks, Rohith. Which version are you using?

      i am downloading the 19.2 AIM student version right now. but does anyone know about a feature in 19.1? I can not believe that there is no feature to export data.

    • raul.raghav
      For the earlier versions of Ansys AIM, there is a beta feature to export the contour data to a csv file. Please refer to the following thread on how to use the beta feature:
    • Aleksandr Kiessling

      Hi, sorry for not getting back to you earlier. I was bussy with some internship applications.

      I tried the solutions you proposed and with Ansys AIM 19.2, it worked.

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