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General Mechanical

exporting structural APDL(rst file) to workbench and deformation due to thermal

    • mkalel

      Hello I am running thermo-mechanical simulation in ANSYS APDL. I have got the good transient thermal and structural result. Now I want to export (especially the structural result to workbench) for post processing. I feel easier to do post process in workbench. I followed the step made by to do the post process.

      When I hit to upload result file (.rst) on workbench it shows error everytime. anybody help me in this? i was thinking .maybe my file (rst) is too big. its like 467gb.


      [b] Also I am doing an metal wire DED additive manufacturing process. After the completion of structural simulation. would I be able to see the deformed structure like in actual 3D printing experiment. (for example If i run the thermo-mechanical simulation for one single bead then CAD model would be long rectuagular shape, after the simulation I would like to see the (deformed shaped like bead shaped. is this possible in ansys? there was a option total deformation but I am curious if it going to give the deformed shape or just the numeric value>?


    • Aniket
      Ansys Employee

      Can you please open a new thread for question b? Also, for part a, which I will try to answer here, can you please try it on smaller rst file and see if the process works for you? What is the error that you get with current RST?


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