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Exporting Temperatures at one specific Time from Transient Thermal to Static Structural

    • TimH

      Dear Community,

      I would like to pass on the result of a Transient Thermal Analysis to a Static Structural Analysis in a special manner. The aim is to export node temperatures at one spesific time (e.g. 5400s=90min) into the Static Structural Analysis. There I would like to load the sytem with a ramped displacement (e.g. -10mm) to calculate the structure's strenght (= max. Force Reaction) for that specific temperature field. That sounds quite easy but i couldn't find a way to do so until now. Exporting the whole thermal dataset works fine but exporting temperatures at one specific time doesn't work.

      I would be very thankful for any suggestion on this issue.

    • Bhargava Sista
      Ansys Employee

      Hi TimH

      To transfer the temperatures from a transient thermal (TT) to a static structural (SS) system, you may create a connection between Solution of TT to Model of SS. This will create an "Imported Load" object under SS module. When you expand it, you'll find the object "Imported Body Temperature". You can specify the Source Time (the time at which the temperature is imported from TT) and the Analysis Time (the time at which the temperature is applied in SS). By default, the time under Source Time is set to "End Time" but you can change it to whatever time at which you would like to import the nodal temperatures from TT. Please refer to the attached image for more details.

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