expressions for atmospheric boundary layer

    • kssr

      I am writing the expressions for ABL. These are the expressions:

      u= [0.42*5[m/s]/log10[[10m+0.03m]/0.03m]]/[0.42*log10[[z+0.03m]/0.03m]]

      k = [[0.42*5[m/s]/]/[log10[[10m+0.03m]/0.03m]]]^2/(0.09)^0.5]

      e = [[0.42*5[m/s]/]/[log[[10m+0.03m]/0.03m]]]^3/[0.42[z+0.03m]]

      However, the expression editor in the fluent says there is an error of invalid syntax.

      Kindly look at the formulas and rectify them.

    • Rob
      Ansys Employee
      log10(10 [m] + 0.03 [m])
      might work a little better. Units need to be inside [ ]
      Check if z [m] returns the z-coordinate too.
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