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Extensions missing in ACT > Manage Extensions

    • deld

      I recently installed Ansys 2022 R2. I left my 2021 R2 installation installed just in case I ran into any issues. Figured this wouldn't be a problem since they're installed in separate directories. 

      I've loaded Workbench 2022, and opened Manage Extensions (Extensions > Manage Extensions). I can see just a few extensions available (i.e., there's only 6 listed). Specifically, I'm looking for the AdditiveWizard extension which, notably, is available in my 2021 installation. When I installed 2022, I made sure Additive (and almost all other modules) were selected for install so I don't understand why it's not available. 

      Note: I'm using versions of Ansys that are provided to me by my university. Is it possible that the 2022 R2 version provided by the university somehow doesn't include it? I have assumed that the license (handled by their license server) provides access to the same modules and extensions across both 2021 and 2022 versions. 


    • ANSYS_MMadore
      Ansys Employee

      It appears that the extension is no longer available with 2022R2. Please refer to the usage documentation:

      This is now done with the LPBF Wizard.

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