External model ply material properties update failed

    • Venugopalb

      Hello all,

      I have modelled composite in Ansys ACP and run the linear buckling analysis in Ansys workbench (2019 R3). I want to use the first mode shape as imperfection in nonlinear buckling analysis. So, I have imported the solution of Eigen buckling analysis to APDL to have a .cdb file that is compatible with the external model. when I upload the .cdb file to the external model, the ply properties are showing question mark?

    • 1shan
      Ansys Employee
      Given that, I believe you will have to modify the engineering data in the original ACP setup. You could try something as follows. First retrieve and save geometry of the first buckled first mode shape. There are various ways to do this like
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      . Create a new ACP setup, modify the engineering data, import the new buckled shape and link the composite setup of the original ACP pre to the new one. It will map as much information as possible. You could proceed with the static structural as usual once this is done. Also have a look at
      Regards Ishan.

  • Venugopalb
    Thank you very much In my project I am using mode shapes with smaller amplitude i.e 0.01 or 0.02 as imperfection. I am not going to use fully deformed geometry. How can export the deformation with required scale factor?
    In the ANSYS manual itself mentioned that only a particular properties can be exported by using external model. What are other methods like external model.
    The above listed properties could be transferred when using external model.
    Thank you
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