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extracta.exe for icepak pcb file

    • birbara2

      Hello, I am trying to import a pcb ( Cadence brd file) to icepak but I am getting an error saying "could not find application extracta.exe". I tried to add it to the path in libraries but does'nt seem to work. Help?

    • 3Asif

      Hi there!
      The extracta.exe is not useful as a 'library'. Instead the tool (Icepak) needs to know where the software is when the translation is needed if you think like a software). 
      The extracta.exe has to have an environment variable declared in the operating system (OS). Whenever other tools need the translation, that till will ask OS to using that environment variable and get that exe to do the work.

      Online, I have seen fewenvironment variables suggestions:
      "Add the path to the Extracta location to your PATH environment variable."

      To accomplish it:

      set CDSROOT=C:Cadence{continue Sub-Folder, but doo not go too deep. It can be one level higher than tools folder}


      set PATH=%PATH%;%CDSROOT%bin;%CDSROOT%toolspcbbin

      Disclaimer: I have not tested it myself. If you have found your own solution, you may share with the world (and be thanked eternally!)



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