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General Mechanical

Extracting beam data and printing to csv

    • nodalrob

      I am trying to collect force information from beam elements representing bolts in a response spectrum analysis. I just need the axial and shear reaction forces of the beam. I would prefer to export the beam forces into a .txt file or .csv file. I wrote a command script that is able to print out the element reaction forces in the local coordinates that goes to the output file. When I try to print out nodal reaction information to a csv, it provides unusual or unformatted values. My two questions are as follow:

      1. Is there a way to print resultant values in local coordinates rather than global, as I am doing now?
      2. What is causing my current csv to be unformatted/incorrect?

      Screenshot, input command script, current csv output, and ansys output file attached. Thank you in advance for the help

    • Dave Looman
      Ansys Employee
      Question 1
      If you create etable items for the smisc items you can *get those. For example,
      *GET,el_num,ELEM,,NUM,MAX ! get element number *get,sm1_val,etab,1 *get,sm1_val,etab,1,elem,el_num ! 1 is column number of the etable
      Question 2
      The 2nd format is E13.8 but should be A1

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