Extracting parasitics out of a PCB layout or cut out of the board

    • Marsha

      Hi all,

      I'm new in using Ansys and going to extract parasitic elements from a cut out of a PCB layout.

      I've imported my PCB layout from Cadence PCB editor into SIWave and trying to make a cut out of my board into Q3D extractor and then extract the parasitic of the desired traces.

      First, While making a cut out of my board, sometimes I am not able to draw geometry (draw a polygon extent), before importing into Q3D. It seems that this is deactivated for some reason. However, I was able to do that before and I have the license on my laptop.

      Second, After importing into Q3D extractor, since it takes a long time for Ansys to make the mesh and solve the problem, I'm going to cut the board to small pieces and make the simulation locally. I know that I need to assign the source and sink before running the simulation, but I do not know when I make a cut out of the PCB board, where it should be assigned as a source and a sink. I mean basically, the power is coming from or out of a connector. but, it seems that I'm not able to assign the source into a pin. Rather, I should assign the source or sink into a sheet or ... . 

      Third, After completing the simulation, how can I find the RL parasitic for a specific trace such as ground. considering my ground trace is a long and thick trace coming from the left side to the right side of the board, how can I specify for the software to find parasitic RL of which part of the trace is the target.


      I really appreciate your help cause I've stuck for days to make this simulation


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