Extracting time dependent index data

    • Saha

      Is there any way to monitor index profile of a material over time in a nonlinear pump-probe simulation in Lumerical FDTD ?

      I want to simulate a pump-probe experiment, where the intense pump will propagate through a dispersive nonlinear material and induce a change in index (for example by effective third order nonlinearity) and I want to see this change in the material index over time.
      I see there are separate index monitors and time monitors available in Lumerical. But is there a way to combine them here, or is there a way to do it with post processing?

    • Guilin Sun
      Ansys Employee

      Currently the time-related index cannot be output. You can file a feature request.

      The index monitor is only for frequency-domain, which is frequency-dependent as expeted.

      One way to get the time evolving index is from theory: calculate the induced index change by the nonlinear effects. You can record the time-dependent fields with a time monitor.

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