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Extrude error in DesignModeler

    • pranav5


      I'm studying Si die/chip warpage and forces required to flatten them (Image of the schematic is attached). The dimensions of the die are 10,000 um length, 6000 um width and 300-700 um thickness. The die warpage is 0.1-1 um. 

      When I sketch such geometry in DesignModeler and try to extrude it along the width, I get:

      Error: No profiles could be swept along the selected direction vector

      Context: Extrude Feature Extrude2

      How can I fix this? 



    • peteroznewman

      Please insert images directly into your posts with the Insert Image button.

    • pranav5

      Thanks, Peter. I've updated the post as per your suggestion.

    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      You've probably run of of significant figures in the CAD tolerance/accuracy.  Try building it so warpage is 1cm, and die length is 10,000 cm.   I assume you can rescale in Mechanical? 

      If that doesn't work can you squash the die length (scale) to build the model and then stretch (scale) in Mechanical once it's meshed? 

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