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Face Split Error

    • Deniz Orta


      I want to create a subsurface model with faults, but when I am trying to create the mesh of this model in Design Modeler, I run into a problem that it does not detects faults during the "face split" stage (Even though, program sees the "tool geometry" part as 29). So, later, when I come to the "detach" part, it doesn't see the faults at all. Do you have a suggestion for this problem? Relevant images is in the attachment.

      Thank you so much in advance.



    • Keyur Kanade
      Ansys Employee

      Are you getting error while spitting surface? 

      There are different ways you can split the surface. Please go through help manual for more details 

      Also DM is CAD tool. You can not generate mesh in DM. 



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