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Faceted or Solid: AM Thermal-Structural Analysis?

    • deld

      When I create lattice infills for my geometries in Spaceclaim, they're generated as Facets. 

      I can convert the Facets to a Solid. 

      I'm using the Additive Prep suite to prepare the model before sending it to Workbench and Mechanical for Thermal-Structural analysis. 

      The thermal analysis (yet to run the structural analysis) seems to run fine for the faceted geometry. 

      Is there a reason why I would/should convert a geometry from faceted to solid?

    • Aniket
      Forum Moderator

      converting geometry facets to solid would allow you some flexibility to change mesh.


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      • deld

        Thanks, Aniket. I've been creating the meshes in Mechanical but I'll have a play with Meshing in Spaceclaim and see if there's any obvious differences and/or benefits. 

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