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Facing a problem when simulating a structure in charge module

    • Kawshik Nath

      When, i want to simulate the  electrical properties of plasmonic solar cell in charge module, i've faced a problem. At the time, when i'm incorporating the nanoparticles or plasmonics the simulation didn't run ( adding the simulations in the absorber layer), because the nanoparticels are metal and it shows that there must be a boundary condition for the nanoparticles. But i used the boundary conditions already for the front and back contact. So, plz help me how can i solve this problem. I've attached the necessary information regarding this simulation below.

    • Amrita Pati
      Ansys Employee

      Hi Kawshik,

      CHARGE provides current/charge analysis for semiconductor materials. Metals are only applied as contacts to apply voltage to the semiconductor. So, if a metallic object doesn't have an associated BC, then this will cause an error. If you can evaluate some of the effects that you are looking for without using the gold nanoparticles, then CHARGE will be useful. Otherwise, CHARGE won't be able to simulate it.


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