Facing problem in linear machine

    • sana ullah

       HI I am facing a problem with a linear machine. The problem is that its giving me the error of "Moving objects touch the stationary shell" though both the moving objects and stationary objects are totally separate from each other, even the bands assigned to them are separate from each other. It also says that "Motion setup (geometry) is not valid" , i am not sure why,can anyone help please.


    • xzhao
      Ansys Employee

      Hi Sana, have you made sure that the motion limit are totally contained within the band? The moving part cannot touch the band either.

    • aicha1

      hello, I am sorry have you solved this problem?

    • aicha1

      Hello everyone,

      I tried to assign the band for a linear motion. However, the simulation generates an error "Moving objects touch the stationary shell at initial position" even though the initial position is within the band and this latter does not touch the objects. Could anyone please help me?

      Thank you in advance!

    • aishahzuki

      Hi everyone.

      I had tried to assign band for linear motion but  have 2 problems which are:

      1) Invalid moving objects. All moving objects inside band must from single connected region.

      2) Motion setup (geometry) is not valid.

      Can anyone help me because i had tried many ways but the problem still the same.

      Thank you in advance

    • mbeliaev
      Ansys Employee

      for such kind of issues you need first check following things:

      1) it should be one vacuum object that covers all other objects (like inner_band). So only one moving object will be present.

      2) Motion limits

      3) geometry intersections

      4) fine mesh in the band



      Best regards,
      Maksim Beliaev, M.Sc.

      Electromagnetics and Optics Community Manager, Europe

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