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General Mechanical

Factor of Safety


    • AmarisDLR


      I am trying to model a shelf bracket as a 2D surface.

      When I try to get the factor of safety, I only see Max and Min of 15. It will not change , even as I modify my geometry and loads.

      I am using Structural Steel as the material, and I see the S-N curve in engineering data.

      What could be the issue?


    • peteroznewman

      The only thing I can think of is the load is very light. In the example below, if I reduce the load by a factor of 10^-6, I can get that effect. What if you increase the load by a factor of 10^+6?  I can look at your model if you use File, Archive to create a .wbpz file, which you can attach after you post your reply and say what version of ANSYS you are using.

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