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Discovery Import

Fail to install the Discovery 2022R1

    • jgshin
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      Hi, all.

      I have a problem to install Discovery 2022R1.

      I used the iso files which was downloaded frome Customer Portal, and WB is working with no errors.

      But Discovery makes error message popup like below;

      There is no error message on the log file.

      I tried to uninstall and install again, but same error message occurred.


      Please tell me the solution of this problem. Attached is the log file.


      Best Regards,

      Jugyeong Shin

    • Devendra Badgujar
      Ansys Employee


      Let me check this with the installation team and get back to you.

      Just to rule these possibilities out, can you once make sure that the files are extracted from the zip folder correctly and the installation is done by running 'run as administrator'.

      Also make sure you have enough space in the drive where you are installing.

      Please check if your graphics drivers are updated.


    • Devendra Badgujar
      Ansys Employee


      Can you please gather full client diagnostics?

      For Versions 2021R1 and Newer:

      1. Launch the ‘ANSYS Client Licensing Settings’ from windows Start menu.

      2. Click ‘Gather Diagnostics’

      3. Click ‘Generate’

      4. In the screen it will indicate a zip file being created.

      Please email that zip file to

    • Devendra Badgujar
      Ansys Employee

      Solution provided through mail.

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