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Failing to refresh License Entitlements

    • nicolas.barthet
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      Im getting an error message that my license needs to be refreshed.

      But during the login procedure I keep getting the same message.

      License entitlements have not been refreshed since ...


      We have a proxy in place, but the environment variable has been set.

      The firewall exclusions were set up as well.


      I have added a zip file with the content of the %temp%/.ansys.


      When trying to aactivate the license using the command line options, this seems to work, but I still need to login with my account afterwards.

      The activation is not logged back to my account.


      What is left to do to fix this problem?

    • Devendra Badgujar
      Ansys Employee

      Hi Nicolas Barthet

      I checked your account and it seems that your license is not active on any device. 

      If it is telling to do entitlement license refresh, please execute license refresh command as mentioned in below post. Note that you first need to set the appropriate directory as mentioned in the initial section of this post for executing the command successfully.

      Discovery Subscription license - Command line options

      If you problem persist even after doing this, please go through to this document:

      Also, please make sure you have installed the software while your antivirus and Windows Defender security settings were disabled


    • dimitri.goethals

      Devendra Badgujar 

      I am assisting Mr Barhet with this issue.

      We already have done the two things you metioned.

      But there is a proxy server in use, but even though we have added the proxy server as an environment variable and we have added all the exeptions to the fire wall, the license activation / refreshing is not working. (not using the command line options nor via the login window).


      That is why he added the zip file with the data of the %temp%/.ansys folder (as metioned in chapter 5 of the throuble shooting

      Can you already have a look at this data if it can give us extra info for the failure?


      I will have to contact the IT department to check whether the installation was done without Antivirus or Defender active.



      Dimitri Goethals

    • Devendra Badgujar
      Ansys Employee

      Hi Dimitri G Nicolas Barthet 

      Let me check this with the installation team and get back to you with more information.

    • Devendra Badgujar
      Ansys Employee

      Hi Dimitri G Nicolas Barthet

      Please run the full Client diagnostics and share the files to investigate it further.

      CLIENT Diagnostics:

      For Versions 2021R1 and Newer:

      1. Launch the ‘ANSYS Client Licensing Settings’ as the user experiencing the problem.

      2. Click ‘Gather Diagnostics’

      3. Click ‘Generate’

      4. In the screen it will indicate a zip file being created. Please email that zip file to

      For Versions 2020R2 and Older:

      1. Launch the Client ANSLIC_ADMIN Utility as the user experiencing the problem.

      2. Click View Status/Diagnostic Options

      3. Click Gather Diagnostic Information

      4. Select Yes when prompted

      5. If you would like to specify the directory of the diagnostic files, select Yes. If not, select No (there will be a pop-up window displaying the location of the diagnostic files once it’s finished gathering the files)

      6. Please zip the entire diagnostic directory and send to to


      • Devendra Badgujar
        Ansys Employee

        Continued through email.

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